Welcome to Suyian Soul, a simple earthy camp set in a scenic paradise next to a natural spring and salt lick on Suyian Ranch. The camp has a small human footprint, with a view of minimizing environmental degradation.

Suyian Soul

Suyian soul is nestled in the North East corner of Suyian Ranch, which covers 43,000 acres of spectacularly beautiful scenery in northwest Laikipia. The property encompasses a series of dramatic escarpments, exclusive valleys and expansive grassland plains.

Within Suyian and stretching out into the wider ecosystem there occurs significant populations of elephant, reticulated giraffe, ostrich, hippo, Burchell’s zebra, Grevy’s zebra, buffalo, lion, leopard, African wild dog and occasionally cheetah, among many other species. The property is also home to rare and interesting species of plants. Anne’s family the Powys’s have operated a family livestock business on Suyian for nearly 100 years.

News and Events

Check out our upcoming events:

Chaos to Clarity - The Energetics of Change

On September 13, 14 and 15, join us for Energetic Therapy with Ray Johnston themed "Chaos to Clarity - The Energetics of Change", combined with Transformational Yoga led by Anne Powys

For more information, contact Anne Powys on annepowys@gmail.com


Kanga Yoga Retreat

Suyian Soul will be hosting Kanga Yoga Retreat with Emma Bonnici later this year. Kindly check out the Kanga website for more details.

If you need more information, kindly contact Anne Powys (annepowys@gmail.com) or Emma Bonnici (emma@kangaevents.com).

On 29th & 30th November and 1st December

Solitude, freedom and space in a wild landscape, whose diversity ranges from the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kenya to the edge of the Great Rift Valley, and north to the desert.


With a diverse culture proudly carried by its people, the communities nearby hold an ancient and committed respect for the environment around them.


Botanical walks are an integral inclusion to your safari while visiting Suyian. These walks take you into the magical world of plants and their useful and medicinal value.